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How Do I Wash My Frette Sheets to Keep Them Looking New?

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Since 1860, Frette, an Italian textile company, has supplied the finest linens to aristocratic families, royal courts, embassies, government residences and prestigious hotels. Frette is also entrusted with the honor of making the Pope's robes. If you’re lucky enough to be sleeping on Frette’s luxurious bedding, learn how to properly wash it so your sheets and pillowcases always look new.

Things You'll Need:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Mesh bag

Pre-soak your bedsheets in a little detergent, by hand or in your washing machine if it has a soak cycle.

Place sheets that contain lace or embroidery in a large mesh bag to protect them while they're in the washing machine. Turn pillow cases inside out to protect any lace. Make sure the sheets are completely unfolded when loading them into the washing machine.

Measure the appropriate amount of a liquid, biodegradable detergent into the washing machine. Avoid powdered detergents and detergents that contains alkalis, whiteners, bleach or optical brighteners. Use a smaller amount than specified on the detergent bottle if the sheets are only slightly soiled.

Determine how soiled the sheets are, and set the proper washing cycle. Wash the sheets at the lowest possible temperature.

Remove the sheets when the washing cycle concludes. Shake them out to minimize wrinkles.

Set the dryer at a gentle cycle and add your sheets. Do not spin dry the sheets at a high temperature or too strenuously.


Don't allow hair and skin care products to come into contact with your sheets. Many of them contain oxidants that may alter the sheets' color.

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