How Can I Get My Stuff Noticed on Etsy?

A new Etsy store needs exposure in order to achieve success. As with any small business, promotion and marketing are essential to get products and services noticed by potential customers. This holds true for selling crafts on Etsy as well. Get your stuff noticed on Etsy by implementing a marketing strategy and incentives to encourage customers to visit and buy handmade creations from your online store.

Product Listings

Shopping online differs from shopping in a store. In a store, customers are able to touch and see the item prior to making a purchase. Online shoppers rely heavily on detailed product descriptions and photographs to determine if the item they plan to purchase is exactly what they are shopping for.

To get your stuff noticed on Etsy, provide good product descriptions and detailed photographs to ensure your customers will be comfortable purchasing from your store. If the handmade item they receive is exactly as it was described, they are more likely return to shop again with confidence.

Adding tags or common short phrase descriptions to the product listing will increase the exposure of your items listed. As customers search the Etsy website with their search terms, items in your Etsy store that match those terms will come up in their search results.

It is also important to list new handmade items each day or relist items to compete with other featured new items.

Social Networks

Tell everyone about your Etsy store and your products. Spread the word through blogging and social networks.

Take advantage of social networks and forums. Share incentives and discounts to potential customers. Let friends and followers know about new products listed in your store. Pre-sell handmade items that will soon be in your store to create a buzz.


Make your Etsy store brand memorable. Shoppers identify brands with products that make them feel emotion. Get your stuff noticed on Etsy by creating a banner and an avatar that potential customers will be drawn to and will remember. Banners and avatars make the first impression with shoppers in your Etsy store.

If shoppers experience satisfaction with their purchase and your brand stands out, it will be easier for them to return again to shop. A reputable brand encourages customers to share their shopping experience with friends and family as well.

Etsy Groups

If your Etsy store is new, get involved in the Etsy community and invite veteran store owners to critique and assist you with your online retail shop.

Share your support within the community and take notice of Etsy store owners who stand out; comment on their handcrafted products. Let them know their products are a favorite of yours and spread the word about their items in your marketing strategy. By supporting your fellow Etsy retailers, they will often return the favor and send customers to your store.