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How Can I Become a Hip-Hop Ghostwriter?

Becoming a ghostwriter for hip-hop artists is an amazing opportunity. People all over the world will listen to your lyrics and your name could pop up in the media giving you ultimate fame for your work. A ghostwriter must produce original lyrics. A ghostwriter needs determination and patience to find the right people in the music industry to read the lyrics.

Write about 5 to 10 hip-hop songs with original lyrics.

Copyright your work. By copyrighting a few songs, you can show others your work as samples without them stealing your lyrics.

Allow local hip-hop artists and hip-hop producers to read your songs. If you become a ghostwriter for a local artist or producer, people will recognize your name as they begin to recognize the artist's name.

Send your copyrighted lyrics to hip-hop record labels and producers so they can see samples of your work.

Visit local record companies in your area. Talk to CEOs or anyone else who has authority in the company. Let them see your work.

Call your local radio station and ask them for contacts that might help you become a hip-hop ghostwriter. Call, email, or write the contacts and send them samples of your work.


  • Copyright your work before you send it to anyone. If someone wants the rights to your song, you can sell them.
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