How to Dye Your Hair Silver

Silver hair can look sophisticated and edgy on the right people. People sometimes dye their hair silver to return to their natural hair, after years of dying their hair other colors in order to mask gray hair. The silver color provides a nice base as their natural color begins to grow in.

Things You'll Need

  • Silver hair dye kit
  • Latex gloves
  • Towel
  • Hair clips

Assess your hair. If your hair is currently blond or light brown, it will be fairly simple to dye it silver. If it is brown or black, the process will take its toll on your hair as it strips your strands of all their color. Those with very dark hair should slowly lighten it over several months, first dying it lighter shades of brown until it can reasonably be dyed silver.

Read all the instructions on the hair dye kit you choose. Each kit's instructions may vary slightly, so it's imperative to fully verse yourself in the process prior to starting.

Wet your hair thoroughly. Every strand should be damp. Use a towel to remove excess water.

Cover your shoulders with a towel. Hair dye will color anything porous that it touches. Make sure you cover any exposed surfaces that you don't want dyed.

Put on the latex gloves. Many hair dye kits include latex gloves. If yours doesn't, you'll need to purchase them separately. If you get some dye on your hands, it is very drying to your skin and can take a while to fade.

Mix the dye ingredients per the kit's instructions and apply the mixture to your hair. Make sure you apply it evenly all over your hair. Enlist the help of a friend to ensure the back of your head is fully covered with dye. Use hair clips to keep hair on top of your head if it is long.

Leave the dye on your hair for the specified amount of time. Like all lighter colors, silver dye strips your hair of its prior color. If you leave the dye on longer than specified, you may seriously damage your hair.

Rinse the dye out of your hair. It's best to do this in an enclosed area such as a shower or bathtub rather than over the sink. Continue rinsing your hair until the water runs clear.

Apply the kit's toner to your hair. Most dye kits include a toner, which will condition and protect your hair after you have dyed it.


  • Use shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair in order to preserve the silver color for longer.


  • Treat your hair gently after you have dyed it because it will be more prone to damage.