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Homemade Teletubbies Costumes

If your child is a fan of the Teletubbies television series, he will love dressing up as Laa Laa, Dipsey, Po or Tinky Winky. The materials required for this costume are easy to obtain and you'll be happy that this costume won't break the bank. Best of all, your child will also stay warm and covered in this costume, which is ideal for a chilly night.

Body Suit

You will need a one-piece pajama sleeper, with the feet attached, to start off your Teletubby costume. Since Teletubbies are either purple, green, yellow or red, you will want to choose one of these colors. You may want to purchase a larger size so the body suit doesn't look too fitted. This way your child will be comfortable and will be able to move around easily in it.


Your Teletubby will need a hat that matches the bodysuit. Purchase some colored felt and you can easily make a Teletubby hat. Measure out the circumference of your child's head and cut out material that will leave extra room. Use fabric glue to put the hat together and to attach it to the bodysuit. Each Teletubby has their own unique shape on top of their hats. Use tin foil to form either the triangle, circle, straight line or zig zag. Surround the shape with the colored felt and staple or pin the material to stay in place. Attach the shape to the top of the hat with duct tape.


Mittens are another essential element to your Teletubby costume. Purchasing mittens is always an option or you may decide to make your own. You can make your own mittens by using the rest of the colored felt. Use a marker to lightly trace the outline over four pieces of felt on top of one another. Cut out the mittens and either sew them together or use fabric glue to make them stick.

Final Detail

No matter what color Teletubby you are making, you will need to add this one last detail to the costume. Your Teletubby won't be complete without the gray patch on his stomach. Use either tin foil or gray felt and cut out a rectangular piece. Glue this on to the center of the bodysuit. Be sure that you are still able to zip or unzip the costume with ease.

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