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Homemade Shuffleboard

Use a stencil to make a professional looking shuffleboard court.
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First enjoyed in 1532 in England, players of all ages still love the entertaining game of shuffleboard. To play shuffleboard, two to four players using long handled cues, push six weighted discs down a long court to a scoring diagram. The challenge of the game is trying to land your discs on the highest number and knocking or blocking your opponents discs from scoring. The person who receives the highest score wins. Create your own outdoor shuffleboard court at home and enjoy playing this age-old game.

Building Your Shuffleboard Court

Decide where your shuffle board court will be constructed. Find a flat area 52 feet long by 77 inches wide, like your driveway, back patio or outdoor clothesline area. Choosing a space 60 feet long works better, so spectators have room to stand and watch the game

Sweep off the area with a broom so there is no debris on the court.

Remove or grind off any sticky or bumpy substances which might cause your game discs to stop or bump off the court.

Wash the entire court area with soap and water, ensuring a smooth clean surface.

Apply a clear seal to the concrete or pavement. Let dry.

Paint the courts boundary lines and two scoring areas. Purchasing a shuffleboard court stencil can help you paint more accurate lines. Lay the stencil on the courts surface, mark it, then paint in the lines. Use green, the customary color in shuffleboard, or any color that stands out on your court surface. For example, paint white lines on blacktop or black lines on cement. Make sure the paint type will adhere to the chosen court surface.

Apply shuffleboard wax over the paint so the surface is slick and your discs glide easily. Let dry.

Gather your shuffleboard equipment, a set of shuffleboard rules and start playing.

Things You'll Need:

  • Clear concrete sealant
  • Paint for concrete
  • Court stencil
  • Shuffleboard wax
  • Four cues
  • 24 discs (Four sets of six in different colors)
  • Set of shuffleboard rules


If you do not have a readily available spot for your shuffleboard court you can lay a concrete slab for the dimensions necessary. Just make sure the slab is level and smooth. Another option is to purchase a shuffleboard court from a company that sells them. These shuffleboard courts generally snap together or may roll out.


  • Your shuffleboard wax will need to be stripped and reapplied when it becomes worn.
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