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Homemade Gorilla Costume

Whether you want to create a homemade gorilla costume as a Halloween costume for your little one, a Halloween block party or even for a promotional "you'll go ape over our prices" purpose, the process can be creativity enjoyable and relatively easy to achieve. Here are a few ideas that adapt to fit your specific needs.

Simple Design

Decide the type of costume you will need in terms of complexity. For instance, you can create a very basic costume without a great deal of effort if its merely to play dress-up for a young child. On the other hand, if you need a costume that looks professionally made, it will take much more effort in designing and sewing your costume.

Complex Design

If you will be in need of a more authentic-looking costume, locating a pattern you can work from will prove invaluable. If you prefer, you can also create a pattern. If you go this route, take proper measurements to allow for space to move about. A gorilla costume should not be tight-fitting. Next, create a lining using your pattern as your guide.

Choosing your Materials

Buy all needed materials at a craft store, fabric shop or a local retailer. Create a list of items that fit your project's requirements. For example, a child's costume to wear around the house could be made by buying a pajama set and then sewing fur over it. Do the same with a pair of socks and an old pair of gloves or mittens. For the head, sew the fur and a nose, as well as any other facial features, onto a ski mask.

Though it is best to use a sewing machine, you can also hand-sew your costume. This is especially true for a more simple costume. If you need a costume more life-like for your office Halloween party, for instance, you will more than likely need to use a sewing machine to create a more custom fit.

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