Homemade Egyptian Costumes

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Ancient Egypt's civilization bears a distinct place in history. Cleopatra, Ramses and Tutankhamen are all still quite well known figures. Egyptian costumes can be made quite easily at home. The kohl eye makeup is heavily associated with the ancient Egyptians. Robes and gold jewelry are also quite common among most ancient Egyptian royalty.


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Hair is normally dark brown or black in depictions of the ancient Egyptians. Costumes with a headdress do not have as much of an issue with this. People with lighter colored hair making a costume without a headdress will likely want to use a wig or dark hair dye. Women can braid and bead their hair in place of using a headdress.


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Kohl is a black makeup made of soot typically used around the eyes. Black eyeliner works perfectly for this part of the costume. Use it heavily around the eyes for men or women. Women can use other colors, but should still use black to outline the eyes.

Robes and Dresses

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Homemade Egyptian costumes should have a robe or dress for men or women. Typically these would be white, but other colors can be used. The dress or robe should be sleeveless and ankle length. A very simple robe can be made from a rectangular piece of fabric. The width should be your waist plus about 6 inches. The length should be double the distance from your ankle to your neck. Cut a head hole in the center of the rectangle. A belt can be used to hold the robe together so no sewing is needed. To avoid accidental exposure, be sure to wear something underneath this style of robe.

Headdresses and Mantles

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Golden headdresses and mantles are a very common element for Egyptian costumes. These are the least practical things to be made at home. These pieces can be purchased from almost any costume shop for almost the same price as the fabric needed to make them. The elaborate patterning would take a lot of time to complete. It is a better idea to purchase these parts of the costume.


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Gold jewelry was popular with both Egyptian men and women. The style of jewelry was often quite simple and lends itself to being homemade. A spool of Merlin's Gold wire, also sold as Red Brass or Jeweler's Bronze, can be used to make this jewelry very inexpensively. The wire can be bent by hand, unless it is a very thick piece. The only tool needed would be wire cutters. Wrap a piece of wire a few times around your arms or wrists to make bracelets. Rings can be made in the same fashion.



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