Homemade Confirmation Cards

Patrick Ryan/Lifesize/Getty Images

Confirmation is an important event in anyone’s life and should be treated as such. Instead of purchasing manufactured cards for such a significant milestone, make your own homemade confirmation cards. Show the confirmed how much you care about her and her beliefs by taking the time to create beautiful cards just for her.

Supplies You Will Need

In order to create beautiful confirmation cards to save and treasure, use pre-cut card blanks or card stock for the backing of the card instead of flimsy paper that will tear easily. These papers are found at any stationery or craft store in a large variety of sizes and colors.

To decorate the cards, you will also need decorative patterned paper, scissors or a paper cutter, glue or double-sided tape and embellishments such as ribbon, brads, markers and stickers.

Creating the Cards

Decorate the folded card blanks or cardstock with patterned paper. Add a full sheet that covers the card front or use only strips or shapes of the decorative paper to create your own design such as a cross or flowers.

Embellish the card front with brads or rhinestones at each corner. Add glitter to the design and decorate it with paper flowers or ribbon.

Use chipboard letters, markers or calligraphy pens to spell out a title for the front of the card such as "Congratulations" or "On Your Confirmation." On the inside of the card, write a short phrase, saying or verse and add a personal note to the recipient.

Consider making envelopes to match the homemade confirmation cards. Simply create the same paper design on the envelope and use the same color markers or pens.