Hand Signs for Chidori

hands over white image by Anatoly Tiplyashin from Fotolia.com

Hand signs for Chidori orginate from the ongoing Japanese manga and anime series "Naruto," by Masashi Kishimoto. The ninja characters in the series possess powerful skills and supernatural abilities called Jutsus. Chidori is one of the types of special signs within the world of "Naruto." The hand signs, or seals, activate the ninja's special powers. Additional special hand signs are used depending on the power which is being invoked.

Learning the Hand Signs for Chidori

Learn the 12 main hand signs or seals of Chidori, which are based upon the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. They are Snake/Serpent, Rat, Sheep/Ram, Monkey, Ox, Horse, Dragon, Dog, Pig/Boar, Rooster/Bird, Rabbit and Tiger. You can find pictures of each of the hand signs at sites such as Naruto.com.

Preparing to Perform the Hand Signs

Post your hand sign pictures on a mirror at eye level so you will have your hands free and be able to see what your hand signs look like. Remember which hand is right and which is left when you are looking at the hand sign pictures. What you see in the mirror should match the picture in your guide.

Warm up your hands before each practice session by rubbing them lightly against each other, and all over. Rub each finger, including the thumbs, on both hands, and then shake them out from the wrist. Keep your fingers relaxed, and be sure they are not too warm or too cold. You will gain flexibility as you go along. Do not apply too much pressure to your fingers or joints when performing the hand signs. Also avoid twisting the fingers or wrists too much.

Practicing the Hand Signs

Practice each hand sign by itself several times. Then practice that hand sign in combination with a second hand sign, until you are able to do all 12 hand signs fluently. Practicing each day will help you build up accuracy, stamina and speed. Continue adding signs until you are able to do all 12 on the list.

Practice doing the list backwards, and in different combinations, building up speed and stamina. Test yourself with friends and family who are also interested in hand signs for Chidori. Have them name a hand sign and match it to its picture to see if you are correct.

One additional sign to learn at this point is the hand sign for Chidori related to lightning Chakra power. This Chidori hand sign is a key component of Jutsu for certain "Naruto" characters. Practice this sign in combination with the 12 main hand signs.

Learning the Jutsus

Learn the Jutsus and their purposes. Jutsus can be as few as one hand sign or as many as 44. Do research at the Naruto-related websites and video channels on the Jutsus you would like to learn. Print them out and continue to practice by yourself and with friends and family.