Halloween Face Paint Ideas for a Monkey

monkey on monkey bars image by Photoeyes from Fotolia.com

Dressing up as a monkey for Halloween may not be your first choice, if only because of the mask. The mask that traditionally comes with this costume is heavy and thick, which makes it difficult to breathe. Solve your troubles by doing your own makeup. When you use face painting makeup, you guarantee that the makeup matches the costume and you get to express your creativity.

Basic Monkey

Create a basic monkey face by first cleaning your skin and then letting it dry completely. Apply a dark shade of brown to your entire face, keeping it lighter on your forehead and chin. Go over the chin and forehead with a shade of brown slightly lighter, dabbing the paint lightly on your face with a makeup sponge. Add white face paint to your lips and extend the paint out in a straight line on both the upper and lower lip. Apply a thin layer of light brown paint on top of this white line, which creates the monkey lips. Get a little creative by adding different facial features that mimic the monkey look, such as bushy eyebrows.

Kid Monkey

Grimas Makeup suggests cleaning your face and applying a thin layer of moisturizer before doing makeup on kids or adults. Add a layer of makeup base, which keeps the cake or stage makeup stuck to your face and keeps it from wearing off. Apply a dark brown shade to the area of the child's face between the bottom of her nose to the bottom of her eyes. Use the same shade along the forehead and next to the hair. Apply peach, yellow or light brown paint to the other areas of the face with a makeup sponge. Use white makeup to color in the lips, and use black and brown paint to draw whiskers, lines and eyebrows on the face.

Blue Monkey

Create a blue monkey, similar to the flying monkeys from “The Wizard of Oz” movie. Several companies offer blue face paint, including kits that let you recreate the look from the movie. The easiest way to make this look is by painting your entire face with blue paint and using white to create monkey lips. For a more creative look, use a paintbrush to outline a butterfly shape on your face. Fill in the outline with the blue paint and use a silver or white shade to trace around the outlines.