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Glitter & Hairspray Crafts

Making beautiful cards is easy with glitter and hairspray.
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There are two main polymers in hairspray that make it hold hair and glitter into place. These polymers are derived from methacrylate and vinyl acetate. The same that are used in white glue. Making trendy crafts with hairspray and glitter is easy to do and fun for all ages. You will want to have an unscented can of hairspray, a newspaper to put under the craft getting sprayed, and the glitter colors you want.

Room Decor

Kids love making crafts that they can use or display in their own room. Obtain some block letters, wooden boxes, or art canvases and frames. By using hair spray on these items, and different colors of glitter, your children can create one of a kind accessories. Wooden boxes can store crafts and collectables, and framed canvas makes great artwork. Try spraying the hairspray in the shape of flowers, balls, or hearts, and then use the colors of your choice.

Holiday Decorations

Decoration for any holiday can be enhanced with glitter. Including pumpkins and cornstalks, Christmas bulbs and trees, paper or wooden snowflakes, hearts or just about anything that you want. The hairspray works like spray glue on all of your favorite holiday decor, and you get to choose the glitter that best suits your tastes. Glitter also looks good around the corners of windows and doors.

Party Supplies

You can bring life to any party with glitter and hairspray. Spray the balloons with hairspray and roll them into the glitter. Invitations for the party can also be enhanced by placing glitter on the inside and the exterior of the envelopes. Glass punch bowls and serving trays can get a treatment of glitter on the outside along with glass centerpieces and candles. Just avoid using glitter on items that come in contact directly with food.


Give old furniture new life with glitter. Old end tables, dressers, shelving units, and anything made of wood, steel or wicker is easy to coat with glitter. This is great for children's rooms, play rooms, and to add decorative pieces to party and holiday gatherings. Picture frames, hanging and resting on tables, get new life with glitter along with old mirror frames.

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