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Games About the Resurrection for Children

Resurrection games can be played at Sunday school.
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Resurrection games can make learning about the Resurrection fun. You can play "Resurrection Jeopardy" to teach your students or children all about the Resurrection. Resurrection word games can be played online. For younger children, alphabet games can be used to teach about the Resurrection. If you want a more physically active but educational game, try Resurrection-oriented Easter egg hunts.

Resurrection Jeopardy

In Resurrection Jeopardy, players pick from a stack of Resurrection cards. One side of a Resurrection card asks a question and tells how many points it is worth. On the other side is the answer. You pick the top card in the stack and read the question. Students raise their hands if they want to answer. If the student who raises her hand first answers the question correctly, she scores the number of points on the card. If her answer's wrong, she loses the number of points on the card. The game ends after a predetermined number of draws. The player with the most points wins.

In "Christian Easter Word Search" from Apple 4 Kids, the player tries to find words in a puzzle matrix to match the religious Easter words on a list. The player highlights the word on the puzzle to score. The computer voice tells the player whether his selection is correct or incorrect. This timed game requires the student to quickly find the names of central figures in the Resurrection.

Cut-Out Play Games

A game can be made with cut-out figures of Mary, Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene and other Resurrection characters. In this game, children cut figures of Resurrection characters from religious paper cut-out books, and they stand them up to make Resurrection scenes. Children make a religious stage. The students in the classroom then vote on the one they think is the most historically accurate.

Resurrection Easter Egg Hunts

Resurrection Easter egg hunts are a physically active way to teach about the Resurrection. For this game, use hollow plastic Easter eggs and place different Resurrection--such as crosses, small figurines of apostles, figures of Jesus Christ, and Jesus' rock tomb--inside them. Hide the eggs in the yard or around the house and give the children 30 minutes to find them. The child with the most eggs wins. If there is a tie, a prize is split between the winners.

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