Games to Play on a Bus Trip

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Are we there yet? Bus trips can seem especially long and boring. However, games can make the ride go by a lot faster and provide an element of excitement. It is always helpful to have a variety of game options, since the age and personalities of the passengers will undoubtedly vary.

License Plate Game

License plate on car.
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Try to find as many different states as you can. This can be a team or individual effort. Plan ahead by printing out lists of the states for the passengers to use.

I Spy

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One person chooses an item in the bus and states, "I spy something [insert color]." People then take turns trying to locate the item. The person who locates the item first is the next person to spy an item.

Alphabet Game

Street scenes can provide a fun alphabet game on a bus ride.
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Try to complete the entire alphabet in order by locating words outside that start with that letter. They can be on vehicles, road signs, billboards or stores that you pass. When a person sees the next letter, they shout out the word they see. This is a group effort, but you can make it competitive if you choose.

Name Game

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This games starts with one person and everyone takes turns adding to the name until there is only one player remaining. The first player chooses a name that starts with "A." The second player repeats the "A" name and adds a name that starts with "B." The third player repeats the "A" and "B" names, and then adds a "C" name. Once you get to player four, you may have a name like, "AdamBobChristinaDean." If you miss a name on your turn, you are out of the game. The game continues until only one player can repeat the entire long name. If you pass "Z," go back to "A."

Scavenger Hunt

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A scavenger hunt requires some preparation. Make a list of items that can be located on the bus or outside the bus. Give each passenger a list. Whoever locates all of the items first wins the game. Some examples of items that can be located are a school, a Volkswagen bug, a license plate with the letter "Z," or a dog.

Bus Bingo

Bingo sheet.
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An adaptation of the scavenger hunt game, bus bingo makes it possible for anyone to win. You will need preprinted travel bingo cards to play this game. They can be purchased at many retail stores or made yourself. Like regular bingo, you can mark the items as you see them. The first person to get bingo must call out "Bus Bingo."