Funny Games for 18 Year Olds

Kids aren’t the only ones who want to have fun, and though you may feel like an adult when you turn 18, you certainly don’t have to always act like one. So if you’re in the mood for a bit of light-hearted entertainment, gather some friends and acquaintances and enjoy the time you spend playing some funny games intended for young-at-heart adults.

Who Am I?

If you’re in the mood for a fun game that tests people on their cultural knowledge, you should definitely try this game out. Before your friends arrive, gather some index cards and a marker, and then write on each card the name of a famous person. You can decide on a theme before you begin coming up with names that will help give your game some consistency. For instance, if you decide to use only female movie stars, you can include names like Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and Kate Winslet. When your guests arrive, attach a card to each person’s forehead with the name visible for other members of the group to see. Each person has to figure out what is written on his index card by asking other members Yes or No questions and whittling down the possibilities until he comes up with the right answer.

Name That Tune

When you have guests coming over that you know love music, this is the perfect game to determine who, out of all your friends, is the music aficionado. Make a mixed CD of the music you grew up listening to as a kid and teenager, or just music you think everyone has a chance of knowing. When you’re all ready for the game, start the CD and play just the first ten or twenty seconds of the song and stop the music. Whoever raises their hand first (either while the song played or after you stopped the music) gets to guess. If they guess wrong, the second person who raised their hand guesses. The process continues until a person guesses the title and singer or band correctly. Keep playing the few seconds of the songs until you’ve gone through all of the music on the CD. Whoever guesses correctly the most times wins the game.

Describe Me

Another game that uses index cards, Describe Me is a great game to break the ice at a party. As your guests arrive, tape an index card to the back of their shirts. Then, tell them to start mingling with everyone else. As people introduce themselves and talk on a one-on-one basis, everyone must write their first impression of each person they talk to on the index cards. A person, for example, can write that a girl had a “sexy smile” or was a “smooth talker.” No matter what, however, make sure that people are nice in their comments. When everyone has met each other, they can then take their index cards off of their backs and read the comments aloud so that everyone in attendance can have a good laugh.