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Fun Volleyball Game Ideas

Players can spice up volleyball by stepping outside the traditional box.
beach volleyball image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.com

Volleyball players can add variety to their fun with alternate versions of the game that incorporate nontraditional elements and locations. While maintaining traditional traditional rules such as keeping the ball in bounds and off the ground, and not exceeding a certain number of hits per rally, use everything from mud to blankets to spice up your game.

Basket Volleyball

Players get 10 shots to volley a ball into a basketball basket in "Basket Volleyball." The players with the most successful volleys into the basket wins. To determine the winner in an alternative manner, players score points under the following scenarios: balls hitting the backboard (1 point); balls hitting the rim (2 points) and balls landing in the basket (three points).

Blanket Volleyball

With or without a net dividing them, teams use a blanket to pass a volleyball back and forth in "Blanket Volleyball." Players divide into two teams of four, with each team member holding a corner of a blanket or sheet. With a volleyball in the middle of the blanket, teams lower the blanket and lift it quickly to serve the ball. With the ball in the air, the opposing team catches the volleyball and tosses it back. Unlike in regular volleyball, teams have only one shot at getting the ball over the net. Prior to the game, players determine whether teams score points only when they have control of the serve, or regardless of which team has control. The first team reaching the target score wins. As a variation, each team pairs off players, who use a towel to serve and pass a water balloon back and forth. Following regular volleyball rules, the team reaching the target score first or breaking the fewest balloons wins.

Blind Volleyball

With sheets, blankets or a tarp covering the net, "Blind Volleyball" hinders players' ability to see from which direction the volleyball travels. Because of the sight-constricted nature of this game, players cannot block, serve overhand or spike the ball, as it makes returning the ball even more difficult. Following regular volleyball rules, the first team to reach the established target score wins.

Human-Net Volleyball

Standing in for a volleyball net, players act as the divider for two teams in this game. Players divide into three teams--two teams playing against each other and one team serving as the "net." The net players may take one step in any direction to hit the ball as it comes their way, and can switch the direction of play at any time. Following regular volleyball rules, the team reaching the established target score first wins.

Mud Volleyball

Players try to keep mud out of their eyes in this outdoor volleyball game, which takes place in a pre-dug muddy area free of rocks, small plants or stumps. To protect against any objects that may be present, players wear elbow pads, helmet and face guards, knee pads and shoes. Rather than the standard six players, teams may consist of eight players, to compensate for the mud slowing players down. Players should have easy access to running water in the event that they get mud in their eyes. Following regular volleyball rules, the team reaching the established target score first wins.


With the net set up in a racquetball room, "Wallyball" adds a nonhuman element to volleyball rallies. During serves, balls can hit just one side wall, and cannot hit the ceiling upon crossing the net. Teams may use the ceiling and any wall as one of their three hits during a rally; however, balls cannot hit more than one wall or the ceiling upon crossing the net. The team reaching the established target score first wins.

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