Fun Party Games for Groups

By Contributor ; Updated April 12, 2017
Keep party guests occupied with food and fun games.

Many games are great for groups of people at parties because they involve a lot of interaction and because they are suitable for all ages. The rules to these games are simple enough that individuals can play them with ease.


Charades can bring entertainment and enjoyment for children and adults alike.

Charades is a classic game that many people are familiar with, making it an excellent party choice. Have a stack of index cards with different actions and movie, song, show and book titles written on them. Each group should choose a different person each time it is their turn to go up and act out whatever is written on the card. The actor cannot speak at all or use props. Before acting, the actor must alert the audience as to whether the card is an action, book, movie or show, and how many words it contains. The actor should act out each word individually and should also alert the audience as to how many syllables each word contains, before acting the word out. The turn ends when someone guesses exactly what is written on the card. The point goes to whatever team the guesser is on. If no one guesses after a reasonable amount of time, the team that the actor is on gets a point.

Organization Without Words

Having groups organize themselves without speaking can be a fun and humorous challenge.

Evenly break up party participants into groups. Give participants a set amount of time to organize themselves within their group according to birth month without allowing them to talk. Whichever group successfully organizes themselves correctly first wins. Party goers cannot draw pictures or write their age and must try to interact in other ways.


Let party goers bring out their inner artist by providing them with drawing materials to play Pictionary.

Have a stack of index cards with various actions or concepts written on them. Groups take turns sending up a spokesperson to draw what is written on the card and everyone at the party has to guess. Whoever guesses the answer correctly first earns a point for their team. If no one guesses correctly after a reasonable amount of time, the point goes to the drawer’s team.


Foster healthy competition at a party by hosting a trivia session.

Trivia of any kind is great for large groups of people. Have cards prepared in advance, with specific trivia questions written on them. These can be group-specific questions from a specific category such as sports, or questions from a variety of categories. You can also use trivia cards from Trivial Pursuit and randomly read questions. Have groups take turns sending up a spokesperson to read questions or get someone to act as the official question asker for the entire game. Have each group take turns answering questions together. If they get their question wrong, leave it up to the other groups to answer. Whichever group raises their hands first gets the question and the points for the answer, if they get it right.

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