Fun Party Games for 10 or More People

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Party games for 10 or more people are great for high school reunions, family reunions, office parties and even kids’ birthday parties. Before choosing the party games, assess the group according to age, party theme and physical abilities, so that you are sure to pick games that are appropriate.

Family Memory Match

This party game is great for family reunions. Ask everyone in attendance to bring two copies of a photo of individual family members or a group. Mix the photos up, and randomly lay them out on a table with the photo side face down. The game is more fun with a large amount of photos. The object of the game is to have one person flip over a photo and then another, trying to match the photos. When a matching set is found, remove them from the table. The person or team with the most matching photos wins.

Balloon & Bubble Gum Relay

This is a fun game for a large group of kids, preferably over the age of 10. You need individually wrapped pieces of bubble gum and balloons. Place a piece of gum in each balloon and blow the balloons up. Line the kids up into teams and have the balloons at the other end of the yard, or if playing indoors, at the other end of the room. When you say,” Go!” the kids run to the other end, grab a balloon and pop it; then they must unwrap the piece of bubble gum and blow a bubble. Once they do that, they run back, tag the next player, and that person must do must do the same thing. The first team to finish wins. You can make this game more exciting by setting up an obstacle course for the players to go through to get to the balloons.


Limbo is a fun party game for 10 or more people of any age. Use a limbo stick, string of twinkling lights or garland, and have one person hold one end and another person hold the other end. Turn on fun music, and have each person walk under the stick without falling. Start this game holding the stick high; after everyone has a turn, lower the stick until there is only one person able to go under.