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Fun Drinking Games for Two People to Play

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Most drinking games are tailored to large groups of people at parties or bars. Enjoy a quiet evening at home with a close friend playing drinking games created specifically for two people. The items most commonly needed for drinking games -- other than a favorite beverage -- are cards and dice. Raid your game cupboard for these important items and start playing some new games.

Word Games

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Pattern games become more difficult to play the more you drink, giving the winner a distinct advantage. Players must uphold the pattern to win. You only need a drink to play Buzz. Start counting at one, alternating numbers between players. The first player says "1," the second "2," the first "3" and so on. Instead of "7," the player whose turn it is says, "Buzz." "Buzz" is said by the player who gets each multiple of seven. If the player says the number instead of "Buzz," he downs the drink, and the second player picks up at the next number.

Add complexity to it by changing the multiple that leads to a "Buzz." After the player says, "Buzz," she follows it up with a new number between one and nine. The one to hit the new multiple must say the word and a new number or drink.

Get your drinks for each person ready and grab the card deck from a trivia game -- no need for the game board. A players picks a question from the card he thinks the can't answer. Take turns asking questions -- if the player answering misses, he drinks. If she answers correctly, the questioner drinks.

Card Games

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Card games require nothing more than a deck of cards and drinks. Remove the jokers from the decks before playing either of these games.

Start Gauntlet by dealing five cards face up between the two players. Deal a second row face down beneath the face-up cards. Player One tries to guess if the first face-down card is higher or lower than the accompanying face-up card. Flip the card. If wrong, the player takes a swig for each number on the newly flipped card. Replace the guessed card with a new face-down card. Take turns guessing. If both cards are the same, the other player must drink the face value of the card.

You need two decks of cards with the kings removed, a drink each and a pair of dice to play Match. Each player places his deck in a stack in front of him. Player One rolls the dice. Both players begin flipping cards over from their decks -- the first to flip a card that matches the number on the dice yells "Match," and the other player must down his drink. The winner rolls the dice again and play resumes. Shuffle decks when you reach the end and start over. Jacks, queens and aces equal 11, 12 and one, respectively.

Dice Games

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Pinky McDrinky is usually played with one pink die and two white. Roll the pink die to begin. Each player rolls a white die simultaneously. If a player's die matches the pink one, the other player takes a swig. The one who matched re-rolls the pinky. If neither matches, re-roll the white dice and try for another match. If the sum of the two white dice equals seven, both players drink. If players roll the same number, they can play a tiebreaker like rock, paper, scissors to see who drinks.

Rolling Math is the simplest of dice games for two people. You need a die for each person. Both roll their dice at the same time. The highest number wins. The loser subtracts her number from the high number and takes that number of swigs from her drink. If both players roll the same number, they both take swigs equaling that number.

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