How to Plan Fun Games for a Class Reunion

You've located missing alums, hired the caterer and printed the nametags. Now it's time to ensure that your class reunion is as entertaining as it was exhausting!

Hire a karaoke DJ. Encourage attendees to get up and sing along to the hottest hits from their graduation year.

Send a questionnaire along with the initial reunion invitations. Award prizes for alums with the most children, longest marriage, most marriages, greatest number of degrees, etc.

Ask attendees to fill out a graduation-year trivia game when they arrive. Pose 20 questions related to the year that you graduated. Elect someone to score the tests, then award prizes to those with the most knowledge of the era.

Conduct a group memory game. The first person stands up and recounts a short anecdote relating to another classmate. That classmate then stands up and recounts another anecdote. Inevitably, everyone will have their turn to speak, and the group will be rolling with nostalgia and laughter.

Place all of the nametags in a fish bowl at the door. Ask each attendee to reach in and grab a tag, then find the person whose tag they are holding.

Hold a dance contest featuring music from the year of graduation. This is a good way to include reunion guests who may not be able to participate in nostalgia-related activities.


Be sure to plan games that will make alum's guests feel at home. Limiting the games to school-related topics will only serve to make half of the attendees feel excluded.

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