Fun & Easy Crafts for Teens

Enjoy spending time with your teen as you show them how to make these fun and easy crafts. Help them wrap wire around old utensils to make a wind chime or show them how to use decoupage to create a collage poster. They'll love decorating a crate storage box where they can keep their treasures and you'll love sharing time creating with your teen-ager.

Wind Chimes

Your teens will enjoy making a wind chime from old metal eating utensils, 18-gauge craft wire and fishing line. This fun and easy craft looks great in an eclectic garden or hanging in their bedroom window. Begin making the wind chime by wrapping each utensil with decorative, colorful craft wire. Forks are the easiest as you can anchor the wire up between the tines, before wrapping it around the handle. Spoons are easy to wrap so that they hang upside down with the fat part on top. This allows you to anchor the wire just beneath mouth of the spoon. Show your teen how to make a swirl with the wire by holding onto the tip with your fingers and rolling it around in a flat spiral. They can fit the spiral into the mouth of the spoon for added decoration. Attach fishing line to the wire at the top of the utensil and tie it around a metal craft ring to finish the wind chime. Your teen can get creative and add colorful, wire-wrapped rocks or dangle crystals between the utensils for wind chimes to suit his or her personality.

Collage Poster

Let your teens put your old magazines to good use and make a collage poster for their wall or as a gift for a friend. It's fun and easy to select words, images and sayings to cut out that fit a particular friend or that highlight your teen's interests. They can glue the images in a collage on artist's canvas with decoupage glue. More decoupage glue on top of the collage will add sheen and protect the paper. Decoupage glue is simple to work with; you spread it on with a throwaway craft sponge. It goes on cloudy, but dries clear. Your teen can select buttons, ribbons and other embellishments to decorate the collage and glue them onto the dried collage with strong craft glue like E-6000.

Painted Storage Box

Get a crate from the craft store and let your teen spray paint it to make a storage box. They can decorate it with stickers, rhinestones, photos or with stencils and acrylic paint. If they prefer paper decorations like stickers or photos, apply the paper with decoupage medium. To decorate with rhinestones, use strong craft glue. Painting with stencils is a fun and easy way to embellish a storage box; tape the stencil in place and dab on the paint with a stencil brush. Remember to tell them to remove most of the paint from the brush before they swirl it onto the opening in the stencil. They can use the storage box for CDs, movies, school supplies or anything they need to organize.