Fun Team Building Games to Play Indoors

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Teamwork is vital to the success of any business or organization. Building teamwork in your employees make sure that they work together successfully. There are companies, such as the group Team Bonding that will come to your company and hold day-long, outdoors team-building exercises. This can be expensive. Use indoor team-building games to save your company money and build teamwork at the same time.

Making Change

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Split your group into teams of four. Each group should receive four pennies, one nickel, two times, a quarter and two boxes. Each team gets a 10-foot long area, placing one box at each end. Give each teammate a role. Two work at the bank as the banker and teller. The other two work as the buyer and the store clerk. The buyer goes to the store clerk to buy something. The product doesn’t matter. The store clerk gives him a price from $.01 to $.54. The buyer then goes to the teller. The teller goes to the banker to get the buyer’s money. The teller double checks the banker's counts. After receiving his money, the buyer double checks the teller’s change counting. The buyer then takes it to the seller who also double checks the amount. Play this game multiple times, but after the first round, players should not double check the change amount until the seller receives the money. This helps build trust.

Customer Connection

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“Customer Connection” can help your team learn how to work together to accomplish a larger goal. Bring a marble, one PVC pipe for each player, 20 feet of rope and a bucket. The PVC pipe should be cut to different lengths. Lay the rope on the ground in a curved line. Place the bucket at one end. Hand out PVC pipes. Players start at the end away from the bucket. Players must move the marble from the beginning of the rope, along its length and drop it into the bucket as quickly as possible. They construct a PVC pipe chain from the start to the end. Players cannot exchange tubing or connect them in any way. The tubing cannot touch. The marble should go through each tube once. Dropping the marble sends you to the start. Do not touch the marble. The marble cannot stop or move backwards. The game requires careful planning and helps illustrate how everyone serves an important and well defined role in a team.


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“Zoom” helps your employees build team work by building a story together. Set up is simple. Print out 20 different pictures. These pictures should vary in what they depict. For example, one picture could be a rooster while another picture could be a man playing baseball or a race car crashing. Make them as diverse as possible. Line your players up. The order should be completely random. Choose a starting player. He starts to tell a story using only his picture as a guideline. After he has spoken long enough, point to the next player in the line. She must connect the story he was telling to her picture, changing little, but expanding on his story. Each player will add to the story. The last player ends the story. Record the story and listen to it. This creates a lot of laughs. Use this recording to point out where the story succeeded and where it fell apart. This emphasizes the importance of teamwork.


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