Free Pencil Drawing Lessons

Enhance your pencil sketching skills with free online drawing tutorials.
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Whether you are a novice artist, or the creator of numerous masterpieces, you might be able to benefit from beginner, intermediate or advanced art and drawing lessons. Dozens of art websites offer several different types of pencil sketching instruction free of charge to artists of all skill levels. It doesn't matter if you're a sixth-grader sketching cartoon characters, or a seasoned professional adding to your still-life portfolio. Free pencil drawing lessons are available online to help teach you the tricks of the trade.


If you are interested in learning to draw portraits, Art Graphica offers a few free drawing tutorials: "The Female Eye," a charcoal and lead pencil lesson, "Drawing Young Children," and "How To Draw a Dog." The "Duey's Drawings" website, featuring the Artwork of Brian Duey offers advanced drawing lessons that focus on specific facial features such as the eyes, nose and mouth. Drawspace offers free pencil portrait drawing lessons for online viewing, download and printing in both the advanced and intermediate levels in the "Faces and Figures" and "People" categories. Online virtual classrooms are available to beginners for a fee.

Landscapes and Still Life

Art Graphica offers several colored drawing tutorials for natural scenery that are free of charge to landscape and still-life artists. Some of them include "Drawing Trees," "William Turner Landscape Study," "Landscape of Split Rock" and "Drawing Grass." Duey's Drawings hosts advanced drawing tutorials for pencil sketching still-life drawings such as "How to Draw a Car" and "Rose Drawing Tutorial." Drawspace's free landscape and still-life drawing lessons include tutorials like "Old Tree," "Light Beyond the Trees" and "Sunflower," in the "Nature and Still Life" section of the advanced level art lessons.

Children's Lessons

The Art Made Easy drawing and painting website hosts a 10-lesson pencil drawing tutorial that is suitable for kids and adults. The comprehensive curriculum includes 10 steps that include topics like drawing with shapes and lines, measuring for proportion and drawing symmetrical objects, faces, animals and people in action. Drawing Step has a number of simple child-appropriate pencil-sketching lessons, which include Pokemon, Superheros, holiday cartoons and animated animals. The Drawing Lessons 1 website has four categories of kids-drawing tutorials, which include nature, humans, vehicles, and more than 25 different animal sketches. How To Draw It offers kids tons of easy pencil-sketching instructions to make cartoon people out of simple stick figures, draw portraits and more than 50 animal-sketching tutorials.

Colored Pencils

To add realistic color to your pencil sketches, try an online colored-pencil drawing lesson. Art Graphica offers several free colored-pencil drawing tutorials, like "Summer Afternoon," "Cotswold Cheese With Cherry Tomato," "Backlit Garlic" and "Botanical Art." Duey's Drawings offers a step-by-step colored-pencil tutorial to help you draw a shiny and realistic-looking green apple. Drawspace offers several intermediate and advanced-level instructional downloads for colored-pencil drawing projects. A few of them in the "Creating in Color" and "Cartoons in Color" concentrations include step-by-step tutorials to draw a yellow rosebud, a woolly blue creature or a smiling sunflower.