Free Patterns for Native American Crafts

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Native American crafts are created with several different types of materials. Natural products, such as split cane used in basket weaving, feathers and sea shells, are popular. Leather craft is used for clothing, moccasins and accessories. Beads and beadwork pieces called "wampum” belts were used as a type of cash and traded for goods by early Native Americans.


Create dresses, shirts and leather pants using tanned cowhide. Leather moccasin kits with the pieces already cut out can be purchased at craft shops. Cut and create your own designs using patterns and pictures available on-line.


Use pottery clay to create bowls, dishes, food containers and cooking vessels. Create your own designs using pictures available on-line. Use acrylic craft paints to create designs on finished pieces. Traditional pottery is created by hand-shaping and open fire baking.


Use leather scraps to make jewelry. Dream catchers and dream catcher earrings can be made and enhanced with beads and feathers. Beaded change purses, handbags and headbands are made using fabric with sewed on beads. Make beaded arm bands and cuff bracelets using a small bead loom or create them with beading thread and seed beads.


Small items such as dolls, medallions for necklaces and pipes are made from clay or leather. Use feathers and leather cord to create hair ornaments. Corn hush dolls and small lapel pins are popular. Create a headband out of flat craft foam and insert feathers to make a head dress.