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What Are Eyelets Used For?

Crafts require all sorts of odd items in order to finish the product. One example is an eyelet, also known as a grommet, which has many uses in many different types of projects.

In Shoes

The round holes used for looping shoe laces through are eyelets.

Shower Curtains

Larger eyelets are used to make the holes in shower curtains from which you hang the curtains.


Eyelets are used in sewing quite frequently and for various reasons. For example, eyelets are used to make corsets to loop cord or ribbon through. They are also used decoratively in jeans and on other fabrics, and in curtains, flags and banners to create holes for hanging.

Camping Uses

Eyelets are often found in camping products such as tents and tarps. In tents, for instance, eyelets form the holes at the bottom of the tent through which stakes are pounded to secure the tent to the ground.

Scrapbooking Uses

Scrapbookers use eyelets to string ribbon through tags and cards, and to attach paper decorations such as flowers to photographs and cards. Eyelets can also be used decoratively for any scrapbooking project since they come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

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