Free Pattern for Making an Envelope Pillow Cover

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Throw pillows are a wonderful way to change the decor in your living room. If you like to change the look of a room often, you know that buying new pillows every time is a waste of time and money. The best solution is to make an envelope pillow cover. The benefit of this type of cover is that it has an opening with a flap, like an envelope, that allows you to easily slip it on and off the pillow.


The first step in this project is deciding what fabric to use. Making an envelope pillow cover is ideal for all home styles because you can easily match it to the rest of the décor. You need two pieces of your chosen fabric. Make the first piece one inch larger than the pillow on all sides. The extra space will be used to sew the seams and give the pillow just a little bit of space to move around within the cover during use. Cut the second piece of material the same width as the first and anywhere from about 4 inches to 6 inches longer. This extra material is for the flap.

You have a couple of options for the flap. You can either expose the flap as a decorative adornment or tuck the flap inside the cover to create a smooth-looking surface. If you choose to place the flap outside the cover, consider decorating options. For instance, you can line the bottom edge with lace or buttons, and you can secure the flap to the outside of the cover with a snap or Velcro.


The best way to begin a sewing project is to start with the core pieces. In this case, you want to sew the front and back sections together before adding the details. Instead of sewing them together from the side of the material that will be seen, place the backs of the pieces together and sew the three sides. By sewing in this method, you create a smooth edge when you turn it inside out. Remember to leave the flap hanging off the open side because that is where you will insert the pillow. Create a smooth edge around the flap to match the sides by folding in about a half-inch of material and holding it down by ironing the crease or sticking straight pins through to connect the flap with the rest of the material. After the inch of fabric is securely folded over, sew it down.