Free Greeting Cards That Can Be Printed

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Greeting cards have many uses ranging from holiday well-wishes to everyday thoughts and thank yous. According to the Hallmark Corporation, there are an estimated 1.5 billion Christmas greetings sent each year alone. If you are one of the many greeting card senders, consider trying a free printable creation instead of a store-bought version. These crafty cards can help you save money and personalize a unique greeting.

Holiday Greetings

Major holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah and Mother's Day may call for sending a special card. Many different websites offer free greetings for these significant -- and often religious -- occasions. Sites such as Wonder Greetings, Printfree and 123 Print Cards allow users to download holiday templates and print cards for free. Simply choose the card that best meets your needs, click on the link to download, fill your printer with high quality paper and print out a special greeting.

Birthday Greetings

Celebrate the special birthday of a family member, friend or other loved one with a unique homemade card. If you are not the crafty type who can quickly whip up a completely self-made card using paper, paints and glue, try using a personalized free printable version. These no cost options allow you to choose from a variety of themes, colors and designs that can often be personalized to fit the recipient. For example, the website Greetings Island offers a variety of different birthday card templates to download and print for free. Before printing, you can opt to add a special decorative stamp such as balloons or a smiley face to the overall design, write your own text/birthday message or import a photo to the card.

Kids' Greetings

Whether you are giving a card to a child or have a child who needs to send his or her own greeting, online free printable versions can be a creative, budget-friendly option. Although some sites may cater to a more mature audience and provide cards that are either inappropriate or too grown-up for a child, there are specialized web pages that offer kid-friendly cards. The website DLTK offers many different ideas for children that range from crafts to coloring pages and greeting cards. Kids can choose from birthday, congratulations, thank you and generic greetings in color or black and white. Personalize the greeting with a special message that kids can type inside and print the greeting for free. Look for fun images such as animals, dinosaurs, teddy bears or seasons that may appeal to a child-centered audience.

Create Your Own

If you simply can't find that perfect premade greeting online, try designing your own card from scratch. Use your own family photos, a clip art image or your own image creation. If you are using your own design or illustration, you want to create directly into a digital graphics computer program or scan an illustration, painting or drawing into your computer from an outside source. Beginners can try a basic word processing program that allows you to change fonts/colors and insert images for a stellar card creation. Save the card as your own free template and reuse for other friends or family members, or alter the greeting for other holidays and special times.