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How to Put a Child's Birthday on PBS KIDS' Birthday List

Mother and child watching television together.
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PBS KIDS is the banner name given to child-appropriate television programs airing via the Public Broadcasting Service, but many PBS KIDS shows aimed at preschoolers air on the Sprout channel. Although PBS KIDS does not have a national birthday club, one of the Sprout channel's original programs, "The Sunny Side Up Show," does. During the program, the host reads birthday wishes that families or friends have sent in for children 2 to 6 years of age. Contact your local PBS station for information on whether it also offers a birthday club.

Submitting a Card

Cards must feature pictures or drawings of one or more Sprout characters, such as Chica, Caillou or Sid the Science Kid and must not show names or addresses on the front or inside. Avoid using thin markers and light-colored papers. Sprout waives the age limit on cards for children with special needs up to age 12. Just be sure to note that your child is a special needs child. Mail the card and the downloaded, printed, signed release form at least two and a half weeks prior to your child's birthday so Sprout TV has the card two weeks in advance. Not all cards are chosen for inclusion, and you will not receive notification if the card is chosen to be shown.

Sending an Online Wish

Sending a birthday wish can be done only online. In addition to your birthday sentiments, the form requires the following information: the child's birth date, first name, hometown and state. You may upload a photo to be included. Be sure to check the box next to the terms of use before submitting.

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