How to Flavor Pipe Tobacco

Flavoring pipe tobacco gives it a pleasant aroma and taste.

Tobacco is one of the oldest trading materials in history. It's smoked in various forms, from cigarette to cigar and pipe tobaccos. Pipe smoking is a hobby that allows smokers to create and control the flavors they inhale. Some pipe tobaccos come flavored, while others don't. Many tobacco shops now sell flavoring oils that simplify the process of flavoring at home. The variety of flavored oils available provides smokers many aromatic options, from fruity to floral.

Lay out tobacco in the sealable container. Apply flavor enhancer and allow it to dry.

Remove any stems and shred the dried tobacco to the appropriate size for your pipe, or smoking preference.

Mist the flavoring oil over the tobacco, and stir it thoroughly.

Seal the container and let sit for 3 to 4 hours to allow the tobacco to absorb the flavor.

Remove the tobacco from the container, and spread it on a flat, dry surface. Allow it to dry, stirring every 4 hours to expedite the drying process.

Sample the batch after 24 hours to ensure it has dried properly. Allow to dry further, if the tobacco doesn't burn evenly when lit. Enjoy your new flavored tobacco!


Use only tobacco flavoring oils. Do not use essential or fragrance oils to flavor tobacco.

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