Firetruck Art Projects for Preschool

fire engine image by sonya etchison from

Whether it is fire safety week or you are simply learning about different types of vehicles, fire truck art projects are a fun activity for preschoolers. With simple supplies and a bit of time, young children can easily create their own fire trucks to play with, display or eat.

Construction Paper Truck

This relatively simple firetruck craft requires only a few basic supplies. You need red, black and white construction paper along with glue, scissors and a black crayon. Use the scissors to cut out the many shapes needed for a fire truck. For example, a large red rectangle for the truck body, a red square for the truck’s cab, white squares for the windows, a black ladder and black circles for the wheels. Glue all the pieces onto the white construction paper. Use the black crayon to write the fire department’s name along the truck body. The preschooler might also draw a firefighter next to the truck.

Shoebox Firetruck

To make the fire truck more realistic, the shoebox should be spray painted red beforehand. The task will need to be done by an adult and the box will need at least 24 hours to dry. Once dry, have the preschoolers decorate the box with construction paper and pipe cleaners. Light blue rectangles serve as the truck windows, while black circles serve as the wheels. Line white pom-poms along the top of the truck to serve as the firetruck’s lights, while yellow or white pipe cleaners can be glued along the side to make the truck’s ladder. A black pipe cleaner can serve as the fire hose.

Firetruck Puppet

To make a fire truck puppet, print out a black-and-white picture of a fire truck. Ask the preschoolers to use crayons or finger paints to color in the picture. If you use finger paints, allow the picture to dry before proceeding. Carefully cut out the image and glue a thick wooden craft stick to the back of the truck. The truck should extend beyond the bottom of the truck, which allows you to use the truck as a puppet.

Fire Truck Snack

With just a bit of help from an adult, preschoolers can easily make a firetruck snack to enjoy with a cold glass of milk. To make the treats, you need graham crackers, miniature circle crackers or cookies, pretzel sticks, black rope licorice, white frosting and small red candies. Throughout the project, use the white frosting as glue for the various pieces. Use a spoon to carefully spread the glue on a whole graham cracker. Break another graham cracker in half and place it over the glue on the right side of the cracker. Glue your red candy on top of the cracker to make the truck’s red light. Glue the four circle crackers or cookies onto the sides to make the wheels. Create the ladder on the left half of the cracker using pretzel sticks. Glue the licorice underneath the ladder to make the truck’s water hose.