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Elmer's Fuze Art Instructions

Use an iron to turn Fuze beads into art.
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Fuse beads are sold by various brand names, including Elmer's Fuze Art. These beads are small, brightly colored, tube-shaped beads that you place on a specially designed board. Boards come in basic circles and squares and specialty shapes such as butterflies, hearts, stars and animals. When you apply heat to the beads, they melt together and become solid. Crafters young and young-at-heart can use these beads to make keychains, ornaments and gifts.

Things You'll Need:

  • Fuze Art Beads
  • Fuze Bead Peg Board
  • Iron
  • Parchment Paper

Bead Placement

Place the beads on the Fuze bead peg board. You can place them in a random pattern or in a design. Fuze beads are tiny -- use tweezers if you have difficulty picking them up with your fingers.

Lay a piece of parchment paper over the top of the design so that it is completely covered. Place the paper carefully to avoid dislodging the beads from their pegs.

Press the paper with a warm iron. Apply even pressure and move the iron continually across the paper. Lift one corner of the paper after one minute to see if the beads have melted and fused. When the design has fused, completely remove the paper. Allow the fused item to cool before removing it from the peg board.

Gently peel the fused item away from the peg board or tip it upside down until the fused object comes loose. Tie a piece of thread through a hole near the top and hang the design in a window, tie it on top of a wrapped gift or hang it on a Christmas tree.

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