Easy Horse Crafts for Kids

There are many horse crafts that are easy enough for kids to complete.

Many children love horses and decorate their walls with horse posters and fill their shelves with books about horses. Horse-themed crafts are a great activity for these kids and there are many ideas on the theme that you can turn to when you need to keep your little horse-lovers engaged and entertained indoors. With a few materials and tools, even beginners can easily and quickly complete simple horse-themed crafts.

Finger Paint

Finger paints are a messy but fun way for kids to express themselves and simple stencils can help them create horse-themed masterpieces. Lay out some blank sheets of art paper and give kids a basic horse stencil, which you can find at most craft supply stores. Kids can paint a horse on the paper with the stencil, then freehand a bridle and a saddle, along with a barn for their horse to live in. Let the artwork dry completely, then hang or frame it.

Sticker Books

Sticker books give kids a simple way to organize their collections. Help your child make her own horse sticker book by stapling together a few squares of wax paper. She can then decorate the cover in a horse theme with stickers and other embellishments, as well as permanent markers, and fill the pages with her horse sticker collection. She can also use the permanent markers to write a description of each horse under its sticker.

Finger Puppets

Create horse finger puppets out of felt with your kids and use them to put on a show. Help the youngsters draw horse shapes onto gray or brown felt and then cut them out. The kids can decorate each horse with googly eyes, yarn, markers and paint. Glue a small loop of paper to the back of each horse to slip over little fingers, so the kids can put on their horse finger puppet show.