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Arts and crafts give children a chance to express their creativity. Children of all ages can make crafts, but the crafts must be age appropriate. You cannot expect a 6-year-old to make a dollhouse. Children under the age of 6 need crafts and art projects that are easy to make. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Potato Printing

Children can make their own art by carving designs in a potato. You should cut a potato in half and give one half to each child, so you will need one potato for every two children. Give the children each a pencil and have them draw a shape or animal on the potato. Then carve the shape out for the child. Give each child a sheet of construction paper or a small piece of poster board. Pour some tempera paint on a paper plate and then allow the children to use the potato cutout like a stamp. They should place the potato in the paint and then press it down on the paper.

Optional: Have the children switch potatoes so that they can have more than one shape on their paper.

Sock Friend

Go through your laundry and find some unmatched white socks. Give one to each of your children. Have your children fill the socks with rice and then use a rubber band to close off the end of the sock so that the rice doesn't spill out. Pour some paint on a paper plate and give each child a paint brush. Let them paint the sock like a person or animal. They can add eyes, hair or whiskers. Set the sock friends out to dry. When the sock friend is finished, the children can play pretend with them or play a toss game. Set out some coffee cans at various distances and see if the children can throw their sock friend into the cans.


Lay out some newspapers so that you protect the surface of your work area. Give each child a coffee filter and some watercolor paints. Have the children dip their brushes in water and then in the paint. They should paint their coffee filter any way they wish, just make sure that the paint is watery. When they are done you will need to set the coffee filters out to dry. Once the coffee filters are dry, instruct the children to crunch up the coffee filter in the middle and then use a rubberband to hold it in place. Use a clothes pin for the body of the butterfly by gluing it to the rubber band. You now have a colorful butterfly.

Optional: Paint the clothes pin.

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