Easter Coloring Activities for Kids

crayon boy 3 image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.com

Children will enjoy artistic activities with the many Easter coloring crafts, decorations and gifts to be made during the countdown days leading to the holiday. Springtime and Easter crafts are colored with crayons, colored pencils and pens. These coloring tools are compatible with paper, card stock, cloth and recyclable cardboard pieces.


A child can be as artistic as possible when coloring a hand-drawn welcome Easter Bunny sign to hang on the door of his home. Children can fill in coloring and activity sheets, place card holders, egg carton flowers, and greeting cards to send to friends. Card stock dyed egg holders with pictures of colored ducks, chicks, bunnies and spring-related characters and flowers are a good project for children to make. Another coloring activity for kids is creating garlands made of paper links covered with chicks, bunnies and ducks.

Easter Baskets and Treat Containers

Children color card stock and construction paper craft items that are cut and glued together. Paper baskets, favor boxes, and hanging cones are colored and filled with colored paper that is cut into strips for grass. White food boxes are blank canvases for a child to create a colored gift box for a grandparent or family friend.

Cloth Characters

Figurines drawn on white cotton cloth that has been cut, stuffed and sewn together is a coloring project for children. They will color the Easter bunny, a girl or boy dressed in spring clothes, and baby animal characters for a hand-held stuffed toy. The stuffed characters are colored in with colorfast fabric markers. Stuffed characters to color are good additions to an Easter basket for children's activities during the day.

Tablecloth or Wall Hanging

A child may color components for a paper stained glass window picture or cross with Easter lilies wall hanging. Line drawings on a white tablecloth can be colored in by several children for a group activity. After the cloth is colored in, an adult will hem it and iron over the colored art to set the pictures into the fibers permanently. Easter place mats colored on rectangles of an inexpensive, cut-up sheet is a take-home activity children can make at a club meeting or art class.