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Do it Yourself Jigsaw Puzzle Carrier

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is a relaxing pastime, but it is not something that can be completed all in one sitting. Jigsaw puzzles take up a lot of room on a table, which may need to be used for other things such as dining. A puzzle can break apart if you try to move it, causing all your hard work to go down the drain. These simple DIY carrier ideas will let you move the puzzle around while keeping it in one piece.

A DIY Designer Puzzle Carrier

The first thing you need to have is a flexible surface to use as a puzzle mat. It also needs to keep the puzzle in one place so it will not slide when moved. A piece of thin foam rubber will provide flexibility and will keep the puzzle in place. The foam rubber needs to be very dense, it should not provide too much cushioning. It is used mainly to keep the puzzle in place.

Use a glue gun to attach a piece of material on one side of the foam rubber. Turn in the ends as you glue it so you have a neat finish. The material needs to be thick and durable such as denim or it should have the thickness of upholstery. Use a craft stud gun fastener to tack the material down along the edges once the glue has dried. Sew together a flat cord that is made by cutting and folding the same material into a 2-foot length and 2 inches wide. Attach the cord with a few stitches to one of the long ends of the piece.

Assemble your puzzle on the foam rubber side of this carrier. When you need to move the puzzle, roll it up starting with the end that is opposite of the one that has the attached cord. When rolled together, use the cord to wrap around and tie it in a knot.

DIY Quick Made Puzzle Carrier

Another option for this would be a small and thin bamboo exercise mat. Use a glue gun to attach a sheet of rubberized shelf lining. Your puzzle will be assembled on the shelf lining material. When you want to transport the puzzle, roll it up just as you would the exercise mat. Use two large rubber bands, one on each end, to secure the carrier.

DIY Thrown Together Puzzle Carrier

For moving the puzzle from room to room in the same house, you can make a carrier out of two puzzle boards and the large potato chip bag clips. Use one thin puzzle board to assemble your pieces, when you need to move this put the other board directly on top of the puzzle on the board. Use four large potato chip clips to hold it down on every side. This is not recommended when taking your puzzle any distance; it is just to be used for a quick transport around the house. You can slide this under a bed until you want to continue putting your puzzle together.

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