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How to Make a Lightweight Pool-Table Top

Things You'll Need:

  • 2-inch thick 4-inch by 8-inch Styrofoam insulation
  • ½-inch thick 4-inch by 8-inch Styrofoam insulation
  • ¼ inch lauan plywood
  • Liquid nail
  • Clamps
  • Paint or stain and brushes
  • Jigsaw
  • Tape measure


For larger tables you may need to use additional Styrofoam and Lauan to get the length you need. You can use thin molding to create a frame around the top and cover the ½-inch Styrofoam if you want a more finished look, or you can simply cover the top with a table cloth when you use it to entertain.


  • Use extreme caution when operating power tools. Always paint or stain in a well-ventilated area.

A table top for a pool table can be made in an afternoon and ready for use the following day. Making the table top lightweight and in two pieces will make it possible for almost any adult to install or remove it. Making the top in two pieces will also make it easier to store while playing pool. With the top on, the table can be used for dining and entertaining.

Measure the playing surface of the pool table. The playing surface does not include the rails. For example, a 6-foot table has a 32-inch by 64-inch playing surface.

Use the jigsaw to cut the 2-inch thick Styrofoam to fit on the playing surface of the pool table.

Lay the ½-inch thick Styrofoam flat and place the cut-down 2-inch thick Styrofoam on top of the ½-inch Styrofoam and center it. Once it is centered, mark the corners with a pen or pencil so that you know where to glue the 2-inch Styrofoam.

Liberally spread the liquid nail over the ½-inch Styrofoam within the marks you made, and place the 2-inch foam on top of the Liquid Nail to adhere the two pieces together. Let them sit until they do not easily pull apart.

Flip the Styrofoam over so that the ½-inch Styrofoam is on top. Liberally coat the entire surface of the Styrofoam with Liquid Nail.

Place the lauan Plywood on top of the Styrofoam and place clamps around the edges to hold the two pieces together. Let it sit until the Liquid Nail is fully dry.

Cut the top in half width wise with the jigsaw. This will allow you to remove one half at a time making it much lighter and easier to handle.

Paint or stain the lauan top to get the look you want.

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