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Do Iron on Appliques Fall Off After Washing?

Iron-on transfers are a simple way to make a T-shirt one-of-a-kind. These transfers are easy to use and can be fun for the whole family. Although the transfers are fragile, you can wash the clothing you apply them to. There are a few hints to take care of your T-shirt.


Applying an iron-on transfer is not difficult as long as you follow all directions on the packaging. Keep in mind that some brands are different than others, especially if it's for a white T-shirt instead of a colored one. Always iron the T-shirt flat before placing the transfer down. Turn off your steam option because the water will make your picture run and potentially ruin your picture. Follow the directions and make sure all corners or edges of the picture have melted on to the shirt. If this does not happen, your transfer will fall off over time.


Picking the correct shirt is also important when using iron-on transfers. Cotton T-shirts are the best shirts to use. Do not use a shirt with ridges or one made with any other material. The ridges will cause the iron-on transfer to not stick; it will be able to be picked off or will lift off the shirt over a short period of time. The materials that make up the transfer only work with cotton, and other materials will cause the transfer to not stick.


If you fail to follow directions or use the wrong shirt, the transfer will lift off the fabric. At times only parts of the picture will flake off. Do not pick off the rest or try to melt the image back together with an iron. This will not only destroy your iron, but the remaining design on the T-shirt as well.


When washing the T-shirt, it is okay to mix it with other clothing if the transfer was applied properly. Soap will not harm the transfer, nor will the movement it makes in the washing machine. If you are more comfortable washing it with delicates, that is also OK, but unnecessary.


It is also okay to dry a shirt with an iron-on transfer. The best way to do this is by flipping the T-shirt inside out so the transfer is not on the outside. This will protect the image. Do keep in mind that although the image will not flake off, it may fade over time.

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