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What to Do When You Are Bored on a School Night

Plenty of easy cures exist for at-home boredom.
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Bored at home on a school night? Everyone has been there. It can sometimes feel like a challenge to fight the boredom. You may not have the freedoms as on a Friday or Saturday. You're friends are most likely stuck home in the same situation. None of this means you can't still get through the evening, perhaps have a little fun and even be a little productive.


While many students may not look to their homework as a cure for boredom, some may be surprised at its effectiveness. According to KidsHealth.org, homework actually does help you learn. Many parents have rules in place for their children, requiring homework to be completed before other activities or providing incentives for completing it early. With or without these rules and incentives, students may feel self satisfaction from finishing their homework before getting involved in other activities.


Crafts can be a constructive and entertaining way to pass the time on a school night, regardless of one's age. Younger students may enjoy drawing or building something out of clay. Older students could try thinking about a friend or family member when working on a craft, and create a gift for them. Paper crafts are an easy idea for a project. For example, try making a card for someone by cutting out words and pictures from a magazine.


Grab a friend or family member, and play a card game to pass the time. For example, hearts, rummy or kings are all easy-to-learn card games for two or more people. Perhaps one of the easiest two-person card games, War has been known to make time dissolve. Old board games are also an entertaining way to fill time. If someone else is not around to share in the boredom, find a game to play alone. Puzzles can be done alone or with friends, and, depending on the size and difficulty, a single puzzle can provide hours to days of entertainment. Solitaire is a challenging card game that can pass time quickly, as well.


Reading can be a simple and beneficial way to pass a boring evening. Picking up a book can transport you within moments to a world outside of the boring school night house. According to FamilyEducation.com, reading improves school performance, builds vocabulary and expands the horizons of readers as they learn about topics outside of their normal world.


Writing is a productive way to pass an otherwise boring evening at home. Perhaps there is a relative or friend that could be surprised with a letter. Creative writing not only passes the time, but, like making a craft or drawing, produces something in the end. According to EduGuide.org, the benefits of writing include building self confidence, listening skills, reading and speaking skills. It also aids in improving self expression and independent thinking. Aside from this, many students find writing enjoyable, and students undertaking creative writing may discover a new talent.

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