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Electronic Games for Seniors

Seniors need many activities to keep their minds and bodies sharp.
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By playing brain games, or memory games, you can retard age-related memory loss. For seniors, this sort of mental calisthenics is very important. There are a variety of games and exercises available. For those who enjoy playing their games electronically or on the computer, many options abound. Many electronic games aimed at seniors or simply good choices for seniors can be found at affordable prices on the Internet as well as at places like WalMart.

Brain Age

Brain age, designed by Nintendo, is a challenging game with seniors in mind. The game includes a series of mind-boosting games. Included in its arsenal are games employing math problems, counting people moving in and out of a structure simultaneously, drawing on the electronic touch screen, reading classic literature aloud, solving Sudoku puzzles and much more. The game also calculates your “brain age,” based upon the speed and accuracy at which you play the games.

Electronic Card Games

Card games stimulate memory for which cards have been played and for what is remaining. Popular card games, from solitaire, to poker and from spades to bridge can be found in inexpensive, hand-held units, often running under $10 from places like WalMart. As well, more elaborate (and more expensive) versions can be found on line. Some solitaire units come with more than one game, including such games as Draw 1 and 3 Card Klondike. Elaborate poker games may come with multiple poker games in one unit. Game could include 2's Wild, Draw, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Jokers Wild and Double Jokers Wild.

Memory Games

Try the electronic version of 20 questions. The player thinks of an object and the electronic game figures out the thought within 20 questions. Another popular memory game, and one of the earliest electronic memory games, is Simon. The game is available in many formats, including a pocket-sized version which can go anywhere with you. The game challenges memory recall and typically has multiple skill levels of play.

Computer Games

Play computer games to exercise your mind. Seniors can enjoy numerous games played by many other ages to keep their thinking fast and sharp. Computer games need not be of the simple hunt-and-shoot variety. Computer strategy games tend to capture a senior's attention and imagination. Consider games like Civilization III in which the player builds empires. This game is especially good for history buffs.

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