DIY Rainbow Tassel Fringe Purse

By Kirsten Nunez ; Updated August 23, 2018

Over the years, tassels and fringe have gone from trendy embellishments to stylish staples. And when it comes to DIY, they're ideal for amping up the flirty factor on plain Jane accessories. For a cheerful take on this combo, try upgrading an old purse with some inspiration from this $245 designer version. Since this DIY uses inexpensive embroidery thread, you'll be able to save some serious cash.


Embroidery thread is an extremely budget-friendly craft supply. One skein of thread is typically 30 to 40 cents each. One skein of thread yields two tassels. The total number of tassels required depends on the size of your purse.

For best results, purchase more thread than you think you'll need. Choose colors that best fits your taste and style. Interpret the "rainbow" element as you wish!

Cut a skein of embroidery thread in half.

Remove a single thread from one bunch (left). Tightly tie it around the top, 1/2 inch from the folded end (right). Make sure the raw cut ends are at the bottom.

Tie two or three times for extra security. Cut away the excess thread and trim the bottom of the tassel to even up the ends.

Cut a strand of wire measuring 5–6 inches long.

Add seed beads until there is enough to wrap around the top of the tassel.

Wrap around the "neck" of the tassel. Twist the wire tightly to secure.

Cut away the excess wire. Fold the end of the wire against the tassel.

Repeat Steps 1–7 with additional colors until you have created the number of tassels needed. The total number of tassels depends on the size of your purse. Half of the tassels should have the beaded detail, while the other half does not need it.

For example, this purse features a total of 22 tassels. Of this batch, 11 had a beaded detail and 11 did not.

Glue the non-beaded tassels to the bottom half of the purse.


Determine the position of each tassel before gluing them down. This will ensure that you are happy with the color sequence and combination beforehand.

Glue the remaining beaded tassels to the top half of the purse. The raw ends of the tassels should conceal the necks of the bottom row. Don't forget to leave space for the ribbon.

Adhere the strip of ribbon across the top of the beaded tassels.

Your flirty new purse is ready to take out on the town! Remember, don't be afraid to use your favorite color combinations. It's the best way to add personality and flair to your DIY creation.

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