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70's Disco Party Games

Disco fever

A real blast from the past is a 70s disco party. Guests dress up in afro wigs, disco outfits and platform heel shoes, and dance to 70s music under a disco ball. To kick things off and keep things movin' and groovin' you should have several 70s party games.

Television trivia

Make up or download trivia questions from the 70s from sites like http://quiz.ivillage.com/entertainment/tests/70sTV.htm.

Print out sheets of trivia questions--one set for each guest.

Give one copy to each guest as they arrive to get them in the 70s mood.

Have them answer the questions. Then score them and announce the winner.

Play again, only this time ask questions over a microphone while guests are dancing to 70s music. The first guests to get to the microphone with the correct answers win.

Spread the "Twister" mat on the floor.

Have players take off their shoes. You can anchor the mat corners with shoes.

Choose one person as the referee.

Have the referee spin the spinner and call out body parts and colors.

Players take turns having to place the called-out body part on a vacant color circle the referee calls. If another player is already on that color, she must move to a different circle of that color.

If a player falls or touches the mat with an elbow or knee, he's out.

The last player left is the winner.

Let each guest choose a smooth rock to be his pet.

Have guests glue two google eyes on their rocks.

Have them draw on their rocks with permanent markers or embellish them with material scraps.

Have each guest name her rock.

Give each guest a "Pet Rock" manual (you can print one from several online sites).

Before the party, let everyone know you're going to have a costume contest, so everyone should bring some clothes (or make some) that represent the 70s.

Afro wigs and

Designate three judges.

Have guests line up and parade one by one in front of the judges.

Judges deliberate and choose a winner.

Things You'll Need:

  • 70s music
  • List of 70s television trivia
  • Smooth rocks
  • Google eyes
  • Glue
  • "Pet Rock" manual
  • "Twister" game


You can also do games like "name the tune" or "name the singer" as guests dance to 70s music.

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