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Decorative Ideas to Hide a Wall Mirror

An entire wall covered with a mirror might seem like a dream come true in a home gym or dressing room but it can be a nightmare if it doesn't work with your decor. Cover the mirror with decorative items that will complement the room and integrate with your decorating style.


The easiest and least expensive way to hide the mirrored wall is to create the illusion of a window on the wall. Hang floor-to-ceiling curtain panels or drapes that run the length of the mirror. You can choose to install a curtain track in the ceiling so the entire mirror is covered or use decorative curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible. Use curtain panels that complement your decor and update them as often as you wish.


Line the mirrored wall with decorative pieces of furniture. Position a large, open shelving unit against the wall so that the items you display will be reflected by the mirror. Choose pieces of varying heights that will allow hints of the mirror to show through, such as an armoire, a love seat, a cabinet and a bookcase. This will break up the expanse of the reflected surface.

Room Dividers or Screens

Position a series of decorative screens or room dividers in front of the mirror that complement your decor. Screens or room dividers come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors that can work with your decor and hide the wall mirror. Some room dividers are designed to hold photos or purchase a screen you can customize with paint or decoupaged items. Combine screens with large pieces of furniture to break up the space in front of the mirror.

Hanging Items

Hang decorative items from the ceiling to create an interesting display. Part of the mirror will still be visible but the hanging items will grab attention, allowing the mirror to fade into the background. Hang large empty frames to allow some of the mirror to shine through or suspend mobiles of varying sizes and styles. Use lightweight items that won't ruin your ceiling.


Place a temporary stick-on wall mural over the mirror if you are renting or may wish to use the mirror in the future. A more permanent solution would be to apply wallpaper on the mirror or paint over it. Or create a mosaic by gluing small colorful tiles in a design of your choice if you don't mind a permanent change.

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