Dance Team Spirit Ideas

Team spirit can bring your dance team closer together.
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Team spirit is a great way for your dance team to come together and eventually become closer. Team spirit transcends race and ethnicity and teammates see themselves as part of a bigger group rather than an individual in the group. Team spirit is not easy to create but through team-building activities it can be found.

Decorate Lockers

Dance members can welcome the incoming freshman dancers by decorating their lockers with posters, balloons, stickers and other accessories. This will make the new dancers feel as though they are a part of the “dance family”. Another option is to have dance members decorate each others' lockers before a big competition.

End of the Season Awards

At the end of the season, the coach could give dance team members awards voted by their peers. This could include ‘best technique’, ‘most spirited’ and ‘hidden strength’. By knowing that awards will be given at the end of the season, everyone on the dance team will give their all during the season.


Another dance team spirit idea is to have a banquet at the end of the season. You can make the placemats out of a collage of pictures from events that happened throughout the year like tryouts and competitions. Guests could get black and white placemats while team members and coaches could get color placemats. As entertainment, a video yearbook can be presented with music and all of the dance team members being featured. At the banquet, dance members can play secret pals, or for kicks you can have parents of the dance team members make up their own routine.

Motivational Gift

A great team spirit idea is before competition all of the girls make a motivational gift for a teammate. It can include motivational saying with a list of good sportsmanship examples. You could even include an “emergency” kit consisting of lipstick, hair spray, water, protein bar and hair accessories.


Another great dance team spirit idea is to have a huge sleepover before competition season. It is a great bonding experience before a busy competition season. Teammates can play games, do make-over’s on one another, dance and get to know one another better.