Cutting Wood With Cricut

Things You'll Need

  • Cricut
  • Deep cut blade
  • Cricut cartridge
  • Cutting mat
  • Wood less than 1.5 millimeters in thickness
  • Painter’s tape

The Cricut is a personal cutting machine that can cut a variety of materials. With a deep cut blade you can cut materials up to 1.5 millimeters thick. This can include chipboard, magnet sheets, foam, cardboard, cork and even wood. To cut wood, you will need to use thin wood such as balsa that does not exceed the thickness recommendation.

Open the Cricut. Access the blade housing, and turn the metal knob to loosen the housing arm. Swing the arm toward you to remove the regular blade.

Fit the deep cut blade into the housing, and replace the arm. Tighten the metal screw.

Push the cartridge into the slot at the front of the Cricut. Fit the keypad that came with the cartridge onto the keys on the Cricut.

Place the wood onto the cutting mat; tape the wood into place using painter’s tape.

Feed the mat into the Cricut rollers, and press “Load Paper.”

Press the corresponding keys for the images or fonts you want to cut. Select the “Multi-Cut” button, and use the “+” button to select “3.”

Adjust the size of the image by turning the size dial. Move the speed dial down to “Slow.” Select “Cut.”

Press “Unload Paper” to remove the mat from the Cricut. Remove your cut images from the mat.


  • Depending on the wood make-up, you might need more or fewer multi-cuts. Use a new deep cut blade for the best performance.