How to Create Your Own Free Word Scramble Template

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Word scrambles can be a fun way to exercise your brain and boost your vocabulary skills. Teachers use them to give students vocabulary exercises, brain teasers and also as part of activity worksheets. People of all ages however can enjoy a good word scramble. You can use them at parties as an activity, or use them as something to do for entertainment when you're bored. You can create your own free word scramble template online, and there are several sites, such as The Teacher's Corner or Teach-nology, that help you create word scrambles.

Navigate to the free word scramble website of your choice. Click on the link which says something similar to: "To create your word scramble worksheet, click here".

Enter the number of words you would like to scramble in the box on the screen, then click "Next" or "Enter." For example, if you want your word scramble template to have 10 scrambled words on it, enter "10" in the box next to "Number".

Enter teacher name, title, and subject in the boxes provided, if applicable.

Enter the words you want to scramble in the boxes provided, then click "Next" or "Enter."

Print your answer key. The page displayed next is the answer key for your word scramble. You can print it out if you choose by clicking your browser's print button. Click "Next" after you've printed the answer key.

Print your word scramble and distribute it. The next page displays your finished word scramble template. Print it by clicking your Web browser's print button.


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