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How to Make a Star With a Rubberband

Make a Star With a Rubberband

Rubber bands have been around since the middle of the 19th century. The rubber tree hails from the equator, and the Mayan civilization used the rubber for years. Christopher Columbus brought some rubber products back to Europe. Many years later, Thomas Perry patented the rubber band in England. Rubber is used in thousands of products today. Rubber bands are perhaps one of the most common and versatile of the products. They are used in many industries, offices and homes. With these steps, learn how to easily take a rubber band and transform it into a star.

Take the rubber band and loop it over your thumb and index finger.

Reach under the bottom loop and hook the top loop with your other index finger. Pull the loop out.

Twist the loop once.

Place the loop on your pinkie.

Push your index finger down through the loop on your thumb.

Push through to get to the loop on the index finger.

Hook it onto your finger and pull the loop out.

Take your middle finger and hook the loop coming from the middle finger.

Pull that loop down and your star is complete.

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