How to Create and Cast Your Own Real Magic Spells

Interested in casting real magic spells? Many belief systems around the world, from antiquity to today, say magic spells are real. Here's one method of casting spells from the western tradition.

Learn to meditate. You must be able to clear your mind of distractions and focus on a single idea or visual image. At least 20 minutes of focus is required; more is preferred. Real magic spells are performed with the mind.

Decide what you to wish to accomplish with your magic spell. Choose only one thing at a time. In the real world, magic does not involve spraying fire, flying, or turning invisible, but you can use it to change yourself and achieve your goals as long as they are physically possible.

Once you have decided on a goal, pare that goal down to one simple phrase that represents it, beginning with the words "I will".

With your eyes closed, and breathing deeply, "see" in your mind's eye a bright white or golden light entering your body from above. The light may be peace, love, divinity, healing, or many other things -- whatever makes sense to you.

See this light moving through your body from top to bottom. Continue breathing deeply. At the same time, speak aloud ("chant") the phrase that represents your intention. This is the "magic spell" bringing about your goal. Gradually shift your focus from the light to your goal.

Pour your emotions into your magic spell. Imagine you are really bringing this desire into being, and let yourself feel how it would feel to have this thing or achieve this goal.

When you feel ready, thank the "light" for helping you. Open your eyes, and go out and do one thing related to your goal, no matter how small it might be. Continue this process daily.


The more vivid your mental picture of your goal achieved is, the more powerful your magic spell will be. Take it on faith that you are manifesting whatever it may be -- health, happiness, a new car. Do not bother looking for "real magic spells" to breathe fire or turn into a bat! The method here is much more useful.


If you do not commit yourself to one goal and practice daily, your spell may never work! Do not worry or think too much about "how" much is done. That's a recipe for headaches. Beware of anyone who claims you need fancy props, long rituals, or "spirits" to do magic.

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