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How to Create a Dungeon Room

Choose your dungeon accessories according to your sexual preferences.
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Those who ascribe to the BDSM lifestyle usually require a certain amount of fetish accessories, such as floggers, rope or specialized furniture. Once these accessories reach a great number, the problem arises of where to store, use and even showcase these items in a private area of the home. Therefore, the quintessential dream of most BDSM fetishists is to have a dungeon space to personally enjoy or even share with other like-minded people. There are no hard and fast rules to creating a dungeon. It can be simple and inexpensive or elaborate with a higher price tag. Just create a space that suits your own brand of kink, budget and lifestyle.

Choose an area of your home shielded from the public eye with ample space for vigorous play. This may be your basement, but a spare bedroom works just as well. After all, the BDSM dungeon is more of a concept for a place for consensual play; it is not an area to detain and torture unwilling participants like in the Middle Ages, although you may wish to adopt that theme in your decor. Although any wall color will do, grey, black and red are popular colors. If you really want to go all out, however, you can cover the walls with faux rock panels or paint individual rocks or bricks on the walls. Window treatments should, above all, be thick to shut out light and peeping neighbors; colors and styles are a matter of personal preference.

Choose and place the furniture needed for play sessions. The Saint Andrew's Cross, a large X-shaped support with restraints for the wrists and ankles, is often a dungeon staple. Chairs fitted with restraints, tables and sexual machines can also prove useful. Every item of your furniture does not have to be functional; some items may be purely for show. You may wish to add visually striking elements such as stocks or a rack to lend an ominous feel.

Choose decorations to enhance the BDSM theme. Anything leather or metal offsets the dungeon mood well. Erotic bondage photography on the walls is also a good idea to create a sexy, yet sinister aura of which even the Marquis de Sade would approve.

Organize your accessories in such a way that you can find and reach them easily during play sessions. You may choose to hang whips, floggers or cuffs on the wall. Another option is to use boxes with compartments to keep your toys within reach.

Things You'll Need:

  • Paints or wallpaper
  • Paint brushes
  • Bondage furniture
  • Leather and metal decorations
  • Storage boxes


Use your imagination to create the perfect dungeon space for you, and remember it is a place for you to indulge in fantasies. Your interests and play scenarios determine the things you need and where they are placed. So, above all, have fun and enjoy a dungeon room that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


  • If you choose to use any form of suspension in your dungeon, you may wish to consult a professional to find the best points of attachment, and use the proper materials to safely support a submissive's weight.
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