Crazy Hat Craft Ideas

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Craft projects are always a fun way to spend an afternoon. Creating something you can use like a hat is even better. Hats are a great addition to any party, costume or play date. Wearing a crazy hat will transform you into a different person without the need for an entire costume.

Medusa Hat

Use a stocking hat and plastic snakes to make a Medusa hat. Medusa is a Greek mythology character that had snakes for hair. Sew the tail of the snake around the edge of the hat. Continue sewing snakes onto the hat until the entire hat is covered in snakes, resembling hair. This hat can be worn to dress up like Medusa or as part of a crazy costume.

Colorful Wig Hat

This is another hat that can be made with a stocking cap. Use colorful yarn sewn onto the hat as hair. It will look best with thicker yarn but any size will do. Begin cutting the yarn the desired length for hair. Sew the first layer around the bottom of the hat. Continue sewing the yarn on to work up to cover the entire hat. Use a brightly colored yarn or alternate colors for a rainbow hair effect. This hat can be worn for a party, costume or even during the cold weather to keep you warm. You will definitely turn heads with a crazy hat like this.

Horse Race Hat

Women often wear large straw hats at the horse races. You can create your own crazy version of the hat with plastic horses, spray paint and a cheap straw hat. Find a hat with a large brim. Spray paint the hat with whatever color hat you want. Paint the plastic horse with a contrasting color. Glue the horses onto the brim of the hat. Position the horses to look as they are racing around the brim of your hat. This will surely be the only hat at the horse races with horses racing around the hat. You can also use other animals if you need a crazy hat for another occasion.