Crafts With Plastic Forks

Plastic forks make a great craft item.
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Crafts are not limited to the supplies you can purchase at art and craft supply stores. Some of the most interesting and imaginative crafts are made up of everyday ordinary items. Plastic forks make great craft supplies. There are many ways to incorporate plastic forks into your crafts.

Flower Pot Recipe Holder

Create a decorative way to display recipes on your counter top. Use a clay flower pot as a base and fill it with plaster of Paris. Cover the top of the plaster with dried moss to conceal it. Poke some artificial flowers through the moss and into the plaster. Stick the handle-end of a plastic fork into the center. Allow the plaster to fully harden, and paint the outside of the pot whatever colors you like. The teeth on the fork can be used to hold recipe cards.

Fork Sun

Arrange forks into an artsy sun wall hanging. Spray paint plastic forks in shades of yellow and red. Allow them to dry. Lay a piece of construction paper flat on a table, and glue the forks into a circle, with all of the teeth facing the center. Finish the design by adding clouds, grass, flowers etc. If you want to create a window hanging, you could mount the forks onto a sheet of transparent film rather than construction paper.

Fork Friends

Create little people with plastic forks. Use paint or permanent marker to draw a face directly below the teeth of the fork. Paint the teeth whatever color you want the fork's hair to be. Add pipe cleaners as arms and legs by tying them around the handle of the fork. Create a whole family of fork people and glue them to paper or stand them up using modeling clay as a base.

Fork Bowl

Create a bowl made of plastic forks. The finished project serves as a creative way to hold plastic utensils at a backyard barbecue or picnic. Cover the inside of an oven-safe bowl or casserole dish with wax paper. Lay several plastic forks inside the bowl. Place them so that the tops and bottoms alternate, but all of the forks meet in the middle. Rest them against the side of the bowl. Leave them in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, checking them every 5 minutes. Once the forks have softened enough to sink down into the bowl, remove the bowl from the oven carefully. Allow the forks to cool, and remove your new bowl from the wax paper.